Notice of AGM – November 15, 2013

In accordance with the By-Lays of the Costa Esterillos Estates Condominium the Annual General Meeting will be held Friday, November 15, 2013 at 1 PM at the Doce Lunas Hotel in Jaco, Costa Rica. Last year we met at Doce Lunas and the turnout as well as the responses we received were very positive.  Doce Lunas is a beautiful 20 room hotel, with 5 acres of landscape gardens, pool, restaurant and bar. THE POAC has once again obtained special rates for CEE Owners and we encourage all property owners to attend. A social event will follow the meeting, allowing property owners to mingle, share ideas and get to know each other in an informal setting.

Please make your reservation through Brian Sam (General Manager).  Brian may be contacted at 506-8856-4242 or email Brian is giving us the same room rate of $100 + taxes per night as he did last year, and the rate will be honored for as many days you want to stay.  You will need to make your reservations through Brian rather than going through the online reservation system, and please state that you are with the Costa Esterillos Estates Group.  Please make your reservations as soon as possible, because the 20 rooms are on a first come basis, after which a backup hotel will be used.  If you have any problems, please contact Jerry Johnston, U.S. # 602-539-0463 or Costa Rica # 506-8532-8657.

If you are unable to join us we request that your Voting Proxy be provided to either a member of the POAC or any other authorized attendee. This will ensure your interests are best represented at the AGM.  Click here for the Voting Proxy form. We encourage you to return it in the event you are unable to join us.

At this time we also request each Property Owner to complete the annual survey to enable the POAC to report to all property owners the general plans of their fellow owners. We hope this information is valuable in the creation of your individual property development plans.  As a section of this survey, we have also included the Proxy assignment to ease the means of submitting it.  Click here for the Property Owner survey.

In the past year many events have occurred at Costa Esterillos Estates and these have been communicated through our web site.  For this year’s meeting the following Agenda has been created to continue to the conveyance of information to the Owners;

  1. Introduction and Welcoming Remarks – Charles Silverman

  2. Review of Previous Year’s Meeting  Minutes – Charles Silverman

  3. Report of Property Operations – Naret

  4. Status of Outstanding Accounts and Collections – Naret

  5. Presentation of Annual Financial Report & Budget  - Naret

  6. Activities of the POAC – John Cusack

  7. Presentation of Property Owner Survey  - Doug Bugler

  8. Discussion of Ongoing Property Ownership Issues   - John Cusack

  9. Presentation of By- Law Amendments- Charles Silverman

  10. Nomination and  Election of POAC members 2013/2014

  11. Question and Answers

In closing, the POAC looks forward to seeing everyone in November and receiving the attached Survey from all.


John Cusack

Chairperson – Property Owners Advisory Committee

Email address:

Letter from Richard and Gaye Key

The owners of lot 19, Richard and Gaye Key, sent this letter to Naret, detailing how they feel about Roberto Guardia as property manager. We asked them if they would allow us to share their feedback on this website, to benefit the lot owners that aren’t currently living in Costa Esterillos. They wrote:

We have been in Costa Esterillos for three months now and are getting ready to leave soon.  I want to take the time to commend you on your selection of Roberto Guardia as property manager.  We have had many problems that could of been disasters but Roberto’s grasp of how things work mechanically, as well as socially, kept the owners and renters out of dire straits.  His determination to “get the job done” was exemplary, working days off and holidays to make sure we and our investments were taken care of.  One example of his “out of the box thinking” came after several days of no water.  He came up with a back breaking strategy that kept the residents in water.  This consisted of two fifty-five gallon drums (that he himself cleaned and disinfected) and his pick up truck.  He personally delivered water until he could come up with a plan to address the root cause.

I feel that Roberto is a wonderful asset to Naret and to our development, this is the type of person that will take Costa Esterillos to the next level.  He has made contributions that are easily seen and recognized by people that have had the opportunity to spend time in Costa Esterillos.  There have been many of the same, or similar problems in the past, but this year they were all met head on with a “can do” attitude.  We have been visiting our home here since 2008 and this by far was the best stay yet.

Gaye and myself again say thanks to you and your staff!

Richard and Gaye Key
House 19
Costa Esterillos

POAC presentation from AGM 2012 uploaded

The POAC presentation from the 2012 AGM in Hotel Doce Lunas at Jaco is now available for viewing here: 8.pdf - Please be patient while it loads. It is a large file and contains many pictures, so if you are not on high speed internet, it can take up to a few minutes to view. An optimized version for members without high speed internet will be uploaded shortly.

New POAC member

Following the call for volunteers for the POAC at the 2012 AGM, we would like to welcome our newest member, Andrea Ovares. Andrea is an attorney at law, and she has an open office in NCC Abogados and is the managing director of Roble Trust, which is a trust company that also offers escrow accounts and corporations.  She owns lot #68 in Costa Esterillos and her husband owns a condo management company in San Jose, therefore she gets to work on daily basis with condominiums. We look forward to the expertise that she will bring to the committee, and we ask that you join us in welcoming her!